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Investigation of the Mechanisms and Functions of Nucleolar Targeting by the Henipavirus Matrix Protein

posted on 2021-06-16, 09:03 authored by TIANYUE ZHAO
Many viruses target the nucleolus, a structure that controls diverse aspects of cell biology. However, roles in infection remain poorly understood, particularly for viruses that replicate in the cytoplasm such as henipaviruses. This project investigated nucleolar targeting by henipavirus matrix (M) protein to reveal the first nucleolar function, whereby subversion of the nucleolar DNA damage response effects silencing of ribosomal RNA production. The data further indicate this relates to interaction of M protein with multiple nucleolar proteins, with targeting regulated by several mechanisms. This expands understanding of virus-nucleolar interactions, and may contribute to the development of antiviral approaches.


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Gregory Moseley

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Stephen Rawlinson

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Cameron Stewart

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School of Biomedical Sciences (Monash Biomedicine Discovery Institute)

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