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Investigation of Leachate Transport through Residual Soil Liners in Municipal Solid Waste Landfills

posted on 2021-08-30, 06:39 authored by LEE LI YONG
Basal liners prevent leachate migration to the surrounding environment. This research investigates the performance of three Malaysian residual soils as basal liner materials by conducting geotechnical tests and microstructural analysis. The optimum thickness of compacted residual soil liners is also determined by studying the long-term transport of four heavy metals (Cadmium, Copper, Lead and Zinc), which are commonly present in landfill leachate, through compacted soils using physical and numerical modeling. The outcomes of this research may contribute to the design and management of compacted local residual soils as basal liners for future municipal solid wastes sanitary landfills in Malaysia.


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Vivi Anggraini

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Mavinakere Eshwaraiah Raghunanadan

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Mohd. Raihan Taha

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School of Engineering (Monash University Malaysia)


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