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Investigating the Mentalization-based Developmental Model of Borderline Pathology in Adolescents

posted on 2018-04-08, 23:41 authored by JEREMY WEI KUAN QUEK
Mentalization, i.e., the capacity for perspective-taking/reflection on one’s own and others’ mental states, is proposed to play a crucial role in the disturbed interpersonal-relatedness that is a hallmark of borderline personality disorder (BPD). Despite growing evidence of BPD in adolescents, studies examining mentalization in relation to adolescent BPD are limited. This thesis addresses this gap by providing further examination of this model of BPD in adolescence. Findings provide a clearer understanding about the nature of mentalizing difficulties in adolescents with BPD. They also clarify specific developmental pathways toward BPD, and provide further direct support for a mentalization-based model of BPD.


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Glenn Alexander Melvin

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Louise Newman

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Michael Gordon

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Doctor of Psychology in Clinical Psychology

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