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Investigating the Air Stability of As-Grown and Intercalated 2D Materials for Future Electronics

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posted on 18.11.2020, 05:17 by JIMMY CHRISTOPHER KOTSAKIDIS
The two-dimensional (2D) materials graphene and monolayer WS2 have demonstrated exciting physics that may lead to new electronic and optical devices. Furthermore, the modification of materials such as graphene via intercalation (insertion of atoms between graphene sheets, or between graphene and supporting substrate), have offered significant insight into basic physical phenomena such as superconductivity in calcium-intercalated graphene. Yet the details surrounding their reaction with ambient atmosphere – which is critical for their technological implementation – is largely lacking. Thus, in this thesis, I seek to elucidate the ambient air reaction of monolayer WS2 and alkaline earth (Mg/Ca) intercalated epitaxial graphene on silicon carbide.


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Michael Fuhrer

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D. Kurt Gaskill

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Physics and Astronomy


Doctor of Philosophy

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