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Investigating nanoparticle based vaccines for the optimal induction of CD8 + T cell responses against minimal peptide epitopes

posted on 2017-05-09, 07:05 authored by KIRSTY LEE WILSON
Peptide based vaccines are safe and cost effective, however, they require an adjuvant to enhance the immune response. Current licensed adjuvants are poor inducers of CD8 T cells, thus there is a need for novel adjuvant systems. This study established that it is possible to induce potent CD8 T cell responses to minimal peptide targets, when using delivery systems such as peptides bound to nanoparticles, or nanoparticles in combination with immune potentiators. This study advances the understanding of principles for developing a new generation non-inflammatory vaccines against minimal peptide CD8 T cell targets.


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Magdalena Plebanski

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Sue Xiang

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Department of Immunology and Pathology. Central Clinical School

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Faculty of Medicine Nursing and Health Sciences