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Investigating causes and prevention of deaths from unexplained absences among nursing home residents – incorporating principles of public health and Dignity of Risk

posted on 2022-12-14, 00:47 authored by MARTA HELEN WOOLFORD
Unexplained absences among nursing home residents (NHRs) are defined as events where a resident leaves the grounds of the facility without informing caregivers, and their whereabouts are unknown. Preventing deaths of NHRs from unexplained absences is complex and poses challenges for the care provider to balance safety with autonomy. Evidence on the frequency and risk-factors for death from this event, and strategies for prevention, are lacking. The objective were to examine the frequency and risk-factors for deaths from unexplained absences; develop recommendations on prevention of death; and explore the barriers and facilitators to supporting resident choices when decisions involve risk-taking.


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Joseph Elias Ibrahim

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