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Investigating SOX9 downstream genes Tyro3 and Trpc3 in mammalian testis development

posted on 2024-05-02, 23:25 authored by ZHENHUA MING
This research explores SOX9, a crucial gene for male sex development. Mutations in SOX9 contribute to sex development differences. In mice, SOX9 determines if an embryo becomes male or female. The study investigates two new genes, TYRO3 and TRPC3, linked to SOX9. Inhibiting TYRO3 in male mice reduces germ cells, affecting testis development. Similarly, TRPC3 disruption leads to fewer germ cells and a disturbed coelomic blood vessel. The findings enhance our understanding of SOX9, providing insights into male sex development and potential causes of sex development differences. This knowledge could advance diagnoses for sex development disorders and improve understanding of fertility issues.


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Vincent Harley

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Stefan Bagheri-fam

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Emily Frost

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Molecular and Translational Sciences

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Hudson Institute of Medical Research

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Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences