Intracellular delivery of p53 gene, siRNAs against oncogenes and anti-cancer drugs using pH-sensitive inorganic nanoparticles for induction of cell death in breast cancer cells

2020-07-10T03:23:19Z (GMT) by TAHEREH FATEMIAN
With the aim to enrich the therapeutic profile of classical anti-cancer drugs, inorganic pH dependent carbonate apatite (CA) nanoparticles were utilized to efficiently deliver various drugs and also genetic materials into cancer cells. Following characterization and various modifications in the structure of CA complexes with different therapeutics, lifted outcomes were achieved. Markedly, enhanced anti-cancer efficacy was attained via application of CA formulations of therapeutics in cell culture and animal model. Additionally, synergistic interactions against cancer cells were documented following administration of CA preparations carrying drugs and genetic materials compared to free drugs.