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International student satisfaction with university services at Victorian universities

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posted on 2017-02-17, 01:40 authored by Padlee, Siti Falindah
International student enrolments make a vital economic contribution to the Australian economy. Because of the importance of international students to the economy, a number of studies have emerged examining the subject of international students in Australia in relation to their living experiences, attitudes and behaviour. In spite of this, very few studies have examined international students’ overall satisfaction with their university experience. This study therefore examines international students’ satisfaction with six service factors in Victorian universities. This study also examines student satisfaction as an antecedent of behavioural intentions and how different student characteristics moderate the relationship between overall satisfaction and behavioural intentions (e.g. intention to spread positive word of mouth about their university to others, intention to re-enrol with their university and willingness to recommend their university to others). An online survey was distributed to four participating universities. Structural equation modeling (SEM) and multiple regression were employed to analyse the main research questions, whilst descriptive analysis and inferential analysis were employed to analyse the subsidiary research questions. The results from the SEM analysis revealed that overall student satisfaction is influenced by the level of satisfaction with academic services, courses offered, access (i.e. the accessibility to campus buildings and facilities, library operating hours and the various clubs and societies for students) and augmented services. In contrast, administrative services and physical evidence were found to have a non-significant impact on overall satisfaction. Analysis also revealed a strong relationship between overall satisfaction and behavioural intentions. The results from the multiple regression analysis show that the various student characteristics under study (e.g. gender, nationality and education level) do not moderate the relationship between students’ overall satisfaction and behavioural intentions. This thesis concludes by discussing the various contributions made by this study to both academics and practitioners. It also details several recommendations for future research and for attracting and retaining international students to Australian universities.


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