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Integrating Recovery Principles into Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service Provision - Jonine NL Naughton.pdf (12.22 MB)

Integrating recovery principles into child and adolescent mental health service provision

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posted on 2022-06-29, 02:04 authored by JONINE NICOLE LYALL NAUGHTON

The research aim was to understand whether the concept of personal recovery is applicable to children and young people experiencing mental health problems. The study sought to address this gap in the research literature by determining whether self-determined consumer-directed mental health recovery is applicable for children and adolescents. Does recovery need to be modified to be family-led and include not only the child or adolescent, but also their parents? Has the CAPA model improved CAMHS services and does it foster the self-determined consumer-directed/family-led recovery pathway for children and adolescents, and if not, how can it be modified to do so?


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Darryl Maybery

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Matthew Carroll

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Keith Sutton

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Soumya Basu

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Rural Health

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