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Insight into the Impacts of Morphological-Controlled Zinc Oxides Nanoarchitectures on Synthetic and Real Wastewater Treatment

posted on 2019-12-30, 02:09 authored by JANG SEN CHANG
Nanomaterials are currently undergoing rapid development by taking advantages of their unique physicochemical properties, surface morphologies, and structural arrangements. Among the nanomaterials, semiconductor ZnO with highly-tunable nanoscale morphologies, as well as possessing appealing photocatalytic and antibacterial properties has gained considerable attention for products development. Nevertheless, the high utilisation rate of ZnO nanomaterials in numerous products will inevitably end up in the wastes and subsequently diffuse into environmental sphere. Thus, this research focuses on understanding the impacts of different ZnO nanoarchitectures on the wastewater systems, particularly the biological processes as they are susceptible to the photocatalytic and antibacterial properties of ZnO.


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