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Inflammatory potential of diet and its associations with musculoskeletal health in older adults

posted on 2022-10-10, 15:12 authored by MAVIL MAY CURAMMENG CERVO
Our diets influence our risk for inflammation and poor musculoskeletal health as we age. We have historically focused on effects of individual nutrients on inflammation and musculoskeletal health, rather than patterns of eating which are more representative of how humans consume food. My thesis investigated whether two dietary patterns with differing inflammatory potentials were associated with inflammation, musculoskeletal health, and falls and fracture risk in older adults. My findings have provided new evidence that older adults who follow more anti-inflammatory dietary patterns may have slower age-related declines in musculoskeletal health, as well as reduced risk of falls and fractures.


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David Scott

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Tracy McCaffrey

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Barbora de Courten

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Peter Ebeling

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Medicine - Monash Health

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