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In Search of the King of Kowloon; Hong Kong’s Identity Crisis and the Media Creation of an Icon

posted on 2021-07-20, 23:27 authored by LOUISA C LIM
This research examines the role of Hong Kong journalists and columnists in building identity through the case study of “the King of Kowloon”, the self-appointed title adopted by Tsang Tsou-choi, a penniless trash collector who carried out a half-century-long graffiti campaign claiming ownership over Kowloon peninsula. It argues the King’s evolution reflects the growing identity consciousness of Hong Kong people around the city’s 1997 transition to Chinese sovereignty. It explores the mechanics of icon creation by examining how and why journalists bolstered Tsang’s reputation as the King of Kowloon, a local icon symbolising a Hong Kong identity distinct from China.


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Johan Karl Einar Lidberg

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Gloria Davies

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School of Language, Literatures, Cultures and Linguistics


Doctor of Philosophy (Journalism)

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