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Improving medication adherence in adult kidney transplantation

posted on 2017-06-19, 00:43 authored by JAC KEE LOW
Kidney transplantation saves lives but there are not enough kidneys to meet the needs of patients with kidney failure. Even for those who are lucky to have one, they may lose it if they are not taking their medications as prescribed. Hence, this 3-phase intervention research aimed to support long-term medication adherence in kidney transplantation, over 12 months. The thesis found that through partnering with patients and healthcare professionals, it was possible to develop a strategy to intervene, to improve medication adherence and to sustain long-term motivation. Through this strategy, there is hope to prevent wastage of precious life-saving kidneys.


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Allison Williams

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Elizabeth Manias

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Kimberley Crawford

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Nursing and Midwifery

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Faculty of Medicine Nursing and Health Sciences