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Improving hydrocarbon ratio in microalgae bio-oil by catalytic pyrolysis and adsorptive denitrogenation

posted on 2018-11-18, 21:24 authored by FANGHUA LI
The major objective of this study is the conversion of microalgae to bio-oil and reduction of its oxygen and nitrogen content via catalytic pyrolysis and adsorptive denitrogenation. Pyrolysis oils have undesirable properties such as high oxygen- and nitrogen-containing compounds. Catalysts and adsorbents can help to improve the quality of bio-oils by reducing the oxygen- and nitrogen-containing compounds. The fuels produced can supplement or replace petroleum-based fuels such as gasoline and diesel, minimizing the dependency on fossil fuels. This is the first publicly available investigation on improving hydrocarbon ratio in microalgae bio-oil by combination of catalytic pyrolysis and adsorptive denitrogenation.


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Sankar Bhattacharya

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Warren Batchelor

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Katz Lynn

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Chemical & Biological Engineering

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