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Improving Coverage of, and Access to, HIV-related Testing in Low and Middle Income Countries: Barriers, Facilitators and Implications for HIV Research and Public Health Interventions

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posted on 2019-03-26, 00:09 authored by DUC MINH PHAM
HIV is a major global public health threat and is the 5th leading causes of death in low income countries. Minh Pham’s research focused on HIV related testing in low and middle income countries. The findings showed that testing service at the point-of-care is highly acceptable and feasible but there is a potential gap in the coverage and quality of services across study settings. His research identified an important individual psycho-social factor, self-efficacy, which might influence HIV testing behaviour. These findings help to inform the development of effective public health programs to end the HIV epidemics in 2030.


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Stanley Luchters

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