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Implementing curriculum reform in Oman: Cycle 1 English teachers’ knowledge, beliefs, identity and agency

posted on 01.09.2018, 11:24 authored by RAHMA SULEIMAN ALI ALGHAFRI
This qualitative study explored some Omani female English teachers’ knowledge, beliefs, identity and agency, in their context of an imposed centralized English syllabus to teach reading to primary FL learners. It revealed contradictions between these teachers’ knowledge, beliefs and identity and the centralized syllabus they are supposed to implement. The study concluded that teachers’ knowledge, beliefs and identity emerges from their social and cultural contexts and thus, to be effective, the curriculum also needs to respond to local contexts. Secondly, empowering teachers to exert agency contributes to better teaching. Thirdly, involving expert local teachers in the process of curriculum design reform will ensure high quality teaching.


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