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Implementation of IoT Sensor Networks for Environment, Safety and Health Monitoring Applications with Energy Harvesting and Edge-Assisted Techniques

posted on 2020-07-31, 03:45 authored by FAN WU
IoT can enhance the performance of WSNs in environmental monitoring and healthcare applications. Environmental conditions are essential for personal health because poor environments can lead to health issues, which can be addressed by implementing real-time WSNs. This thesis presents solutions in terms of low-power sensor node design, sensor network with energy harvesting, and edge computing-based gateway to establish better IoT network systems. The thesis implements a few IoT systems to demonstrate that IoT networks can be used for a better and deeper understanding of environments and personal health using low-power and self-powered wireless sensor networks.


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Mehmet Yuce

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Jean-Michel Redouté

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Christoph Rüdiger

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Electrical and Computer Systems Engineering


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