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Impasse, pharmacology, bed, crying: A Neurodivergent Artistic Practice

posted on 2023-03-16, 03:07 authored by ANITA MAY CUMMINS

This exegesis considered the theory of the impasse, the bed, crying and pharmacology. Through methods of consumption and collecting, with a focus on the bed as a location in which Anita’s impasse takes place, they developed a neurodivergent project of self-portraiture. They utilised the writing of cultural theorist Lauren Berlant to explore fields of distress-related habits manifested via collage. The concepts of productivity and unproductivity, crying and crip-time were investigated through the lens of disability justice, provided by the writings of disability scholars. Through the collection and reconfiguration of ordinary materials, artworks were created and repeated habits revealed and discussed.


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Stuart Ringholt

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Meredith Turnbull

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Fine Art


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Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture