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Identification of novel, non-invasive, early markers of Oxyrrhis marina-mediated Dunaliella tertiolecta grazing

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posted on 29.07.2020, 02:38 by Pranali Sharad Deore
Microalgal cultivation in open ponds is emerging as a sustainable solution to combat the global food and energy crisis. However, contamination by unwanted microbes, particularly predators, in open cultivation leads to a clearance of microalgae. An early predator detection tool is thus required for effective pond culture management. Unlike routinely used offline monitoring methods, we report three novel and non-invasive markers that can be immediately extended for on-site screening of predators. The thesis demonstrates effectiveness of levels of non-photochemical quenching, total-ammonia nitrogen and FTIR-based (1363 cm-1) features as markers of grazing by a dinoflagellate predator on a green alga prey.


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Santosh Noronha

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Sanjeeva Srivastava

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John Beardall

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Santanu Dasgupta

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Faculty of Science

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