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Identification and Characterization of Pyochelin Produced by a Novel Bacterium Burkholderia paludis

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posted on 04.01.2018, 04:55 authored by KUAN SHION ONG
The increase in prevalence of antimicrobial-resistant bacteria in the past decade is a serious global threat, hence there is a need for new antimicrobial compounds to treat bacterial infections. One strategy to look for antimicrobial compounds is by prospecting for novel microorganisms. This thesis characterizes a novel bacterium, Burkholderia paludis along with its antimicrobial compound which is pyochelin. Pyochelin is able to inhibit the growth of antimicrobial-resistant bacteria by enhancing the generation of free radicals. This finding reveals a new function of pyochelin and signifies a promising alternative to treat infections caused by antimicrobial-resistant bacteria.


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Sui Mae Lee

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Yuen Lin Cheow

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Learn Han Lee

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School of Sciences (Monash University Malaysia)


Doctor of Philosophy

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Faculty of Science