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Hybrid Biopolymer Coating on Stainless-steel Substrate for Surface Lubrication

posted on 2017-09-20, 02:03 authored by SZE HUI LIM
Hypodermic needles are medical devices that are normally lubricated with silicone-based coating to minimise patients’ discomfort during insertion into human body. This research evaluated the use of naturally-derived biomaterials (i.e. chitosan-polydopamine) to lubricate the hypodermic needles. The coating was found to reduce the drag force of the needles when penetrating through an artificial skin in both dry and wet conditions. In addition, the lubricity of the coating was retained after multiple reuse. Future work is required to improve the lubricity of the coating.


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Chan Eng Seng

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Tey Beng Ti

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Poovarasi Balan

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