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How Special is Disagreement?

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posted on 13.12.2019, 03:00 by Maxwell Riess
A few years ago philosophers started discussing disagreement. The main question they were seeking to answer was: when I find out someone disagrees with me, what should I do? This discussion has since become the Epistemology of Disagreement. This flurry of interest suggests that there is something philosophically interesting or unique about instances of disagreement, something that the previous decades of epistemology don’t quite address. In this thesis I start to examine this idea, that there is something epistemologically unique about cases of disagreement, by analysing some of the theories proposed by philosophers so far. I find that as yet, we do not have reasons to consider disagreement unique and that more could be gained from identifying what is common to the Epistemology of Disagreement and other topics in epistemology.


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Graham Oppy

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Jakob Hohwy

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Philosophical, Historical and International Studies

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