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Holistic Housebuilding: towards a framework for improving housing affordability

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posted on 02.08.2021, 06:58 authored by ALEXANDRA AIMEE MCROBERT
Housing affordability is a multifaceted problem, however there is a disconnect between the socio-economic approaches of academia and government, with the fragmented, construction-oriented approaches of housebuilding. The compartmentalisation of the issues within and across both academia and industry results in disparate efforts to improve affordability. Instead, holistic approaches integrating many fields of knowledge are required to address these issues. This thesis builds the case for a new knowledge visualisation framework called the Affordability Atlas, which facilitates the transfer of knowledge, mapping innovative and holistic approaches to addressing housing affordability via meaningful collaboration between academia and industry.


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Mathew Aitchison

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Sarah Breen Lovett

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