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High Data Capacity Chipless RFID Systems for Emerging Applications

posted on 2020-10-29, 00:41 authored by FATEMEH BABAEIAN
Chipless RFID is a wireless technology which can address the challenges with conventional identification technologies such as chipped RFID and optical barcode. However, chipless RFID suffers from short-distance reading, distortion from a dynamic environment, low data density, and challenges on tag detection in motion. In this research, the mentioned challenges are addressed to develop chipless RFID systems for industrial applications by 1) developing high gain UWB antennas, 2) designing a new class of high data capacity chipless RFID tags with more immunity to the reflection from the environment, and 3) developing signal processing algorithms which are robust at different reading ranges.


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Nemai Karmakar

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Nikola Zlatanov

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Electrical and Computer Systems Engineering


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