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High-Throughput Perovskite Solar Cell Materials Discovery

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posted on 2021-10-03, 20:58 authored by MACIEJ ADAM SURMIAK
Combinatorial high-throughput methodologies accelerate the discovery of industry-ready candidates for the solar cells of tomorrow. A novel perovskite film fabrication method was developed in this research, making it possible to fabricate perovskite compositional space without human interference in a closely controlled environment. Subsequently, an automated additive concentration screening for better performance and stability of perovskite films was investigated. Furthermore, the ligand-modified, scalable low-temperature deposition of nickel oxide nanoparticles via the employment of the Tesla-valve microfluidic mixer was developed. Moreover, a combinatorial high-throughput PSC characterization setup for standardized and accelerated precise PSC measurements was proposed, serving as the accelerator for rapid screening and discovery of perovskite materials. Lastly, a modular perovskite solar panel prototype was developed to enable real-world application and stability data acquisition of PSCs that can contribute to current and future research efforts and commercialization of PSCs.


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Udo Bach

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Chemical & Biological Engineering

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