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Heterogeneous Catalysis with Metal Organic Framework (MOF) - derived materials.

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posted on 12.08.2021, 11:47 by DALAL SAEED A ALQARNI
The expected higher stability of thermally transformed metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) compared to the original MOFs and the known possibility of obtaining small dispersed particles of catalytically active metals in the transformed MOFs has suggested that such transformed MOFs would be useful catalysts for gas-phase CO2 hydrogenation. This project therefore investigated the characterization and catalytic activity of the products of heating of two MOFs, (M-MIL-140C-10 and M-UiO-67-10, where M=Ru, Rh, Pd or In), with the same organic linkers and similar zirconium-based nodes, but distinct in structure. Comparison of the structure and activity of catalysts derived from these closely related MOFs may help identify what factors are really important in determining the catalytic activity.


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