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Health literacy and health care needs in midlife among women who have migrated from low- and middle-income countries to Australia

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posted on 02.09.2020, 03:27 authored by KARIN ANDREA STANZEL
There is a knowledge gap about menopause-related health literacy among migrant women. This research explored migrant women’s perceptions of menopause, menopause-related health literacy and experiences with menopause-related health care. 23 women from Vietnam and Horn of Africa nations were interviewed and 139 health practitioners completed a survey. Limited ability to speak English and cultural beliefs influenced health literacy in migrant women. Health practitioners believed that limited information in community languages and short consultations made it difficult to provide menopause-related care to migrant women. The findings inform practice and policies and provide strategies addressing health literacy in primary health care settings.


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Jane Rosamond Woodward Fisher

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Karin Hammarberg

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Public Health and Preventive Medicine

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