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Green Adaptation for Ecosystem Services Management in Dhaka: A Socio-economic Evaluation

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posted on 13.03.2019, 22:20 authored by NAEEMA JIHAN ZINIA
My interdisciplinary research centered on Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh: among the most climate exposed cities and countries on Earth. My study addressed urban ecosystems, ecosystem services, valuation, ecosystem governance, and green adaptation. I produced an inventory of goods/services generated by vegetation and waterbodies that support life systems. Importantly, ecosystem services management (green adaptation) in urban settings can help mitigate extreme heat events. I assessed social and economic feasibility of green adaptation. This is the first in-depth analysis of sustainable urban environmental management in Dhaka. Such continuing research would be valuable for other cities similarly exposed to climate change and urban population growth.


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Paul Mcshane

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Michael Ward

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Monash Sustainable Development Institute


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Surgery - Monash Health


Monash Sustainability Institute