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Grain size stabilization, and the effect of grain size and stoichiometry on supercapacitor behaviour of nickel oxide

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posted on 2023-06-27, 04:54 authored by Alhad Parashtekar

This thesis investigates the factors influencing the grain size of Nickel Oxide (NiO). Like a brick in the wall, grain size is a building unit of many materials - from battery components to salt grains. The grain’s size and shape influence the material’s properties, such as its hardness, energy storage capacity, electrical conductivity, etc. Therefore, this work investigates and analyses the factors influencing the grain size, and proposes methods to control the grain size of NiO. Because NiO is potential candidate for use in energy storage devices, we also study grain size’s impact on energy storage capacity of NiO supercapacitors.


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Nikhil Medhekar

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Laure Bourgeois

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Sankara Sarma V Tatiparti

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Materials Science & Engineering

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