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Graft-Host Interactions in Full-Thickness Wounds Using Mouse Models

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posted on 12.07.2021, 23:06 by NICOLE ANN GARCIA
Little is known about the mechanism by which skin grafting accelerates wound healing. We investigated this using an autologous full-thickness and a synthetic graft in a novel mouse model. Through PCR and protein analysis, it is postulated that the inflammatory stage of wound healing is modulated via the application of grafts. Furthermore, collagen deposition is significantly different between the two grafts. Several key biomolecules may play a key part in the suppression of inflammation and of the altered collagen remodelling. Identification of these biomolecules and elucidation of how grafts repair wounds is key in the formulation of new skin substitutes.


Principal supervisor

Shiva Akbarzadeh

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Cheng Lo

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Surgery - Alfred


Master of Surgery

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Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences

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