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Gellan Gum-Based Active Packging Film Loaded With Zein And Rosemary Oleoresin Extract: Preparation, Characterization, Release Behavior And Application In Edible Oils

posted on 2023-10-13, 02:43 authored by RU WEI TEOH
Plastic packaging negatively impacted the environment, and human health. Alternatives to plastic packaging are sought, which include the development of biodegradable active packaging from renewable sources. Gellan gum, a polysaccharide biopolymer was used as the main component of the active packaging in this study. The ability of gellan gum-based packaging to resist water penetration, and limit gas transfer was enhanced by incorporating zein, a plant protein with excellent water-repelling properties. Furthermore, rosemary extract with antioxidant activity was added to improve packaging’s functionality in protecting oil from oxidation. Overall, active packaging can potentially minimize plastic packaging usage while protecting food products.


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