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Functional characterisation of a subset of mitochondrial complex I accessory subunits and interacting partners

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posted on 2019-08-27, 05:58 authored by MARRIS GEORGE DIBLEY
Mitochondria generate the majority of energy in human cells. This process is dependent on a series of five enzymes which combine to perform a series of oxidative phosphorylation reactions. The first of these enzymes is called complex I. Disruptions in complex I are a major cause of mitochondrial disease. Complex I is comprised of 45 protein subunits. Fourteen of these subunits are involved in the catalytic reactions though the function of the remaining 31 are unclear. This research looks to characterises these proteins to better understand the role of the mitochondria and development of associated disease.


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Michael Ryan

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Biomedical Sciences (Monash Biomedicine Discovery Institute)

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Biochemistry and Molecular Biology


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