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Fronto-striato-thalamic Circuits, Dopamine, and the Psychosis Continuum

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posted on 29.03.2021, 02:53 authored by KRISTINA SABAROEDIN
The symptoms of psychosis are proposed to lie on continuous distribution of severity. Expressions of psychotic symptoms have been linked with the function of the brain’s fronto-striato-thalamic (FST) circuits. This thesis investigated the role of this circuitry in the emergence of psychotic symptoms across the psychosis continuum. The findings suggest that distinct stages of psychosis, from mild psychotic symptoms in the general population to established psychotic illness, demonstrated similar connectivity patterns of FST circuits that was also associated with dopamine functions. A prominent role for subcortical dysconnectivity was identified in early psychosis, presenting a promising target for treatment development.


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Alexander Fornito

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Kevin Aquino

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Mark Bellgrove

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Psychological Sciences

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Doctor of Philosophy

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