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Framing separatist terrorism in southern Thailand: collision, collusion and convergence

posted on 10.10.2017, 05:41 by Andre, Virginie
This dissertation offers a new way of understanding the conflict in Southern Thailand, more particularly to explain the change, re-energising and transformation of the separatist movement. It has established that the transformation of Patani separatist terrorist insurgency is a dynamic phenomenon shaped by a mixture of global and local forces, where this convergence of the local and the global along side with the resulting collusion of groups and collision of ambitions and ideas are reframing separatist terrorism in Thailand in (un)predictable directions. From a traditional ethno-nationalist struggle the insurgency in Southern Thailand has morphed into a glocal neojihadist movement that is inspired by global forces; a transformation, as I have demonstrated, that is far from being accidental.


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Pete Lentini

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Politics and Social Inquiry


Doctor of Philosophy

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Faculty of Arts