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Formulation of Casein Nanomicelles as a Novel Anticancer Drug Delivery System

posted on 2021-02-07, 16:21 authored by Farah Rehan
In the present research, we fabricated and characterized the self-assembled sodium caseinate nanomicelles (NaCNs) successfully followed by loading of Paclitaxel (PTX) and Doxorubicin (DOX) into the casein micelle for higher cellular uptake and cytoxicity and further explored antitumour efficacy and biodistribution studies of NaCNs and drug-loaded NaCNs against a murine breast cancer model, where both PTX- and DOX-loaded NaCNs showed enhanced in vivo antitumour efficacy through inhibition of tumour growth. Thus NaCNs can be suggested as safe and non-toxic delivery system with excellent anti-tumour efficacy and can be a potential option for oral chemotherapy.


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Gan Siew Hua

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Md. Ezharul Hoque

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Nafees Ahemad

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Manish Gupta

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Varghese Swamy, Farooq Shaikh

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School of Pharmacy (Malaysia)


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