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Footprints through space and time: Co-creating places of belonging in the archival multiverse

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posted on 2018-10-24, 22:15 authored by BELINDA JANE BATTLEY
This research used an insider’s perspective to examine the interplay between archives and collective memory. It involved a critical reflexive study of the role of recordkeeping in the collective memory processes of the Auckland University Tramping Club. Outcomes of the research include a new methodology to tailor archival interventions to community needs; new recordkeeping knowledge in the Club; a new concept of collective-memory maintenance as a complex, adaptive system embodied in the community, from which records should not be separated; and new understanding that the impact of “Place” on recordkeeping is missing from existing models of archival theory and practice.


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Joanne Elizabeth Evans

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Sue McKemmish

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Gillian Oliver

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Information Technology (Monash University Caulfield)


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Faculty of Information Technology