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Failure to progress in labour: influence of BMI and maternal age

posted on 11.03.2021, 08:18 authored by E Arachchige Ranga Iroshanie Edirisinghe Siriwardhana
Would you believe that, in the face of all medical advances, we have only one drug to help women with poor labour contractions? Currently the only available option to overcome failed labour is caesarean delivery which can put the health of mothers and their offspring at risk of complications. The challenges in developing mother- and child-safe drugs have held scientists back for decades. It is high time for new approaches. Here we have taken the first steps to address this by identifying potential targets for developing drugs to produce strong contractions in the uterus that will promote successful vaginal delivery.


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Helena Parkington

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Harold Coleman

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Shaun Brennecke

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Penny Sheehan

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Maternal Fetal Medicine Pregnancy Research centre, Royal Women's Hospital, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

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Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences