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Factors influencing metaphor translation in online cosmetic advertising in the context of the PRC

posted on 2017-02-21, 04:44 authored by Zheng, Luanjuan
This thesis examines metaphor translation from English to Mandarin in online cosmetic advertisements in the recent socio-cultural and historical context of the People's Republic of China. This examination of metaphor translation occurs at the level of discourse. In this thesis, discourse is understood as the linguistic representation of metaphor for persuasive and localised communicative purposes. In my study, I argue that in the translation of these online cosmetic advertisements, the trans-created metaphors construct cultural representations of thinking and life experiences intended to transmit cultural values and to shape or maintain identities for the target female Chinese consumers of the advertised cosmetic products.


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Heinz Kreutz

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Matthew Piscioneri

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Languages, Cultures and Linguistics


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