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Exploring the implementation and sustainability of Let's Talk about Children - a model for family-focused practice in adult mental health services

posted on 2021-03-15, 04:34 authored by Becca (Rebecca) AllchinBecca (Rebecca) Allchin
This thesis investigates the sustainability of a family-focused practice, namely Let’s Talk about Children, in Adult Mental Health Services (AMHS), in Victoria, Australia. Mental illness can disrupt family relationships, and parent and child wellbeing. Many people who access AMHS are parents and despite government policy embedding family-focused practice in AMHS, there remains significant challenges in integrating it into routine practice. Let’s Talk about Children is an evidence-based practice that promotes parent, child and family wellbeing. This thesis identifies key elements for sustaining Let’s Talk about Children in AMHS with recommendations for practitioners, mental health services, policy makers and researchers.


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Melinda Goodyear

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Brendan O'Hanlon

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Bente M. Weimand

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Monash Rural Health

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Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences