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Exploring the Tensions Between Policy and Practice: A Case Study of Nepali Secondary School Teachers and Leaders Interpretations of the National Curriculum Framework's Learner-Centred Reform Policy

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posted on 07.01.2020, 04:29 by PRITHA DAHAL
Nepal is in the process of transforming its school education system to promote learner-centred pedagogies and outcomes. To do so, it implemented a decisive curriculum reform policy called the National Curriculum Framework (NCF) in 2007. Using a qualitative case study method, this research sought to understand how Nepali secondary school teachers and leaders interpreted the NCF’s learner-centred reform policy into practice. The study’s findings revealed that that teachers and school leaders failed to implement learner-centered education reform with fidelity and the tension between policy and practice was evident. The study highlighted the importance of a policy being contextually relevant, appropriate and owned by practitioners for it to be translated into practice.


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