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Exploring Teachers’ Perceptions of Spirituality and its Impact on their Teaching

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posted on 2021-08-12, 22:51 authored by KETKI NILESH BHANDARI
This research focuses on teachers’ understanding and experience of spirituality and how it influences their experiences as teachers. This qualitative case study connects spirituality and pedagogy through a postcolonial lens and encourages a diversity of views to develop in the area of teachers’ spirituality, which is usually overlooked. The original contribution to knowledge is what the researcher has called ‘spirituality infused pedagogy’. This study advances knowledge about the pedagogical practices of teachers that are informed by their spiritual beliefs. This research is important because there is limited research investigating spirituality regarding teachers’ individualised beliefs, their teaching contexts and pedagogical decisions.


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Jane Elizabeth Bone

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Judith Williams

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Doctor of Philosophy

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Faculty of Education

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