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Experimental study of impact and evaporation of a droplet on a solid surface: self-assembly of colloidal particles and bouncing droplets

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posted on 10.03.2020, 04:11 by LAXMAN KUMAR MALLA
The present thesis investigates two problems in the interfacial phenomena field that is the evaporation of a sessile droplet and the impact of a pure liquid droplet on a microtextured surface. First, the profile and morphology of the ring-like deposits obtained after evaporation of a sessile water droplet containing polystyrene colloidal particles on a hydrophilic glass substrate for non-heated and non-uniformly heated cases are investigated experimentally. In particular, the coupled effect of particle size, concentration and temperature gradient on the substrate are studied. Second, the impact dynamics of a microliter water droplet on a microgrooved surface is investigated. The effect of the pitch of the grooved surface and Weber number on the droplet dynamics and impact outcome are studied.


Principal supervisor

Adrian Neild

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Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering


Doctor of Philosophy (IITB-Monash)

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