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Experimental and Computational Modelling of Particle Transport and Deposition Process in Inhalers and Upper Respiratory Tracts

posted on 2021-05-11, 21:43 authored by Fen Huang
This project studies the in vivo - in vitro correlation in the field of dry powder inhalers. It identifies the effects of inhalation parameters, including airflow rate, particle characteristics, inhaler structure, mouth-throat geometrical factors and inhaler usages, on particle deposition pattern in extrathoracic region through in vitro and in silico approaches. It also proposes mathematical correlations which consider the intersubject variability and initial conditions of inhalers to predict aerosol deposition in upper respiratory tracts.


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Zongyan Zhou

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Aibing Yu

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Zhenbo Tong

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Chemical & Biological Engineering

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Chemical Engineering


Doctor of Philosophy (Joint PhD with Southeast University - International)

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Faculty of Engineering