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Examining student identity in a study abroad setting

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posted on 2017-02-27, 05:16 authored by Haywood, Richard
This study examined student identity in a study abroad setting by focusing on the adjustment issues study abroad students faced in their various transitions. The aim of this research was to discover more about the role that identity plays in studying abroad through the focus on student experience and student perception of the adjustment issues faced in study abroad transitions. The research utilised qualitative methods, was longitudinal, and focused on study abroad students who undertook ELICOS followed by undergraduate studies at an Australian university. Overall, it was uncovered that student identity is strongly influenced by the various transitions and adjustments that take place in study abroad situations. Generally, it appears that student perspectives of the challenges encountered, in terms of the transitions and adjustment issues of studying abroad, could be a catalyst for understanding the degree and the manner in which the various facets of study abroad student identity are impacted.


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