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Examining Reality TV as Neoliberal Apparatuses that Govern Adolescents in Young Adult Fiction.

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posted on 15.09.2022, 02:50 authored by Matthew Yap Tuck Mun
This thesis analyses Young Adult novels that represent Reality TV shows like reality-crime, gameshows and family documentaries as a neoliberal apparatus to govern and mould adolescents. It considers Reality TV’s insidious power to determine adolescent identity and behavior as young individuals participate in its host of programs either out of desperation to escape poverty or by force from parental figures desiring fame and fortune. Yet these individuals, in some cases, ultimately find creative ways to resist and even overcome their interpellation by this apparatus, thus exposing the fault-lines in neoliberalism from which the ideology can be challenged.


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Andrew Hock Soon Ng

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Monash Malaysia School of Arts and Social Sciences


Doctor of Philosophy

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Faculty of Arts

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