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Evolution of anelastic behaviour and twinning in cyclic loading for extruded magnesium alloys using quasi in situ EBSD

posted on 2018-03-20, 23:15 authored by HOSSEIN FALLAHIAREZOODAR
In this thesis, cyclic tests have been performed on Mg alloy to measure the twinning activity during cyclic loading. During cyclic loading, anelastic behaviour is observed which leads to the formation of hysteresis loops. A new method is developed to quantify the anelastic strain during cyclic loading. The mechanism of twin formation varies with different grain sizes and loading conditions. For the first time, large scale microscopy at consecutive strains is used to correlate the deformed microstructure of cyclically loaded magnesium to the starting orientation. The quasi in situ EBSD method has been used to thoroughly examine the microstructural evolution of magnesium alloys during plastic deformation. This work has the potential to contribute to the design of biomedical implants which experience cyclic loading during use.


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Ralph Abrahams

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