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Evaluation of the CAMHS and Schools Early Action (CASEA) Exploring Together Early Primary School Program.

posted on 2020-04-15, 22:47 authored by SARAH BUCHANAN-PASCALL
This thesis comprises an evaluation of a group-based parent training program for primary school aged children with behavioural and/or emotional problems. The study compares the relative effectiveness of two versions of Monash Health’s adapted Exploring Together program, with and without the parent-child interactive component, in terms of the impact on child behaviour, parenting behaviour, parenting stress and sense of competence. This thesis contributes to a deeper understanding of the effectiveness of group-based parent training programs for treatment of child behaviour problems in primary school settings, as well as highlighting areas requiring further clinical and research attention.


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Glenn Alexander Melvin

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Kylie M Gray

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Doctor of Philosophy

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Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences