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Epidemiology of Chronic Kidney Disease in People with Diabetes

posted on 27.09.2018, 02:56 by DIGSU NEGESE KOYE
People with diabetes are at risk of developing a number of disabling and life-threatening complications. This thesis explored the epidemiology of chronic kidney disease (CKD) in people with diabetes. It demonstrated that the incidence of kidney failure in type 2 diabetes is increasing in Australia over the last decade. It also showed that CKD without albuminuria is common in people with diabetes. However, the risk of progression to kidney failure is very low. Finally, it provided a clear understanding of the relationship between diabetes and disability, and highlighted that CKD explained only a smaller proportion of this association.


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Dianna Josephine Magliano

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Jonathan Shaw

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Christopher Reid

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Epidemiology and Preventive Medicine

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Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute

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Doctor of Philosophy

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Faculty of Medicine Nursing and Health Sciences

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