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Environmentally-Sensitive Sustainability Leadership: A Study of the Attributes and Practices of Eco-Sensitive Sustainability Leaders Immersed in Community-Based Environmental Sustainability Education in Sri Lanka

posted on 2022-05-17, 04:46 authored by PRASADI HATANWILA LIYANA ARACHCHIGE
This study examines how attributes and practices of Environmentally-Sensitive Sustainability Leaders enable understanding public environmental sustainability education and how these leaders negotiate and implement community-based environmental sustainability education in different settings of Sri Lanka by coalescing education and leadership. This study employs an inductive interpretive qualitative design comprising triangulated thematic analysis to explore the role of leadership, its attributes and practices that enable pro-environmental behaviours among communities and how these eco-sensitive sustainability leaders facilitate participation in lifelong learning. The findings of this study offer the most granular view to date of who eco-sensitive sustainability leaders are, how they make decisions and behave concerning the complex environmental sustainability change initiatives in Sri Lanka. This study also provides significant implications for ES leadership theories and the dissemination of ESE in developing contexts.


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